Alhayat Animal Medication Supplies

Alhayat Animal Medication Supplies provides treatment services to corporate livestock farmers, small farmers and animal owners, providing full diagnosis of the cases along with full solutions and treatments for each case. . Livestock including Sheep, Lambs, Goats, Cows and Camels in addition to horses as well as poultry and pets (cats & dogs).

Alhayat Animal Medication Supplies also prevents and treats Parasites on animals and in farms using latest products and treatments.

The Treatments and follow-ups of Alhayat extends to vaccination, filed visits, treatment of contagious deceases, nutrition, live stock feeds' add-ins, artificial insemination, newborn delivery, surgical treatments, tracking and follow-up of the newborn livestock with state-of-the-art records and database throughout its life.

Alhayat Animal Medication Supplies considers poultry the most important segment in the sector, as it holds the largest consumption rate in meat industry along with table eggs. Fighting poultry diseases holds the key to a healthy community, where Alhayat took this concept into its values through the precautionary and prevention measures along with treatments. Alhayat’s precautionary and prevention measures starts with being two steps ahead with the updated knowledge-base through the initial diagnose and anatomy along with frequent field visits to sites pinpointing the problem before it needs any treatment, giving a sufficient window to prevent any contagious breakouts.

Such work of Alhayat Animal Medication Supplies paves the way for state-of-the-art quality assurance for meats and dairies meeting the international standards.

Pets are becoming part of our lives nowadays, their health is our health. That’s why Alhayat Animal Medication Supplies offers a wide range spectrum of services from scheduled vaccination, follow-ups on health issues and even reproducing process to insure purified breeds.

Public Health issue is strongly attached to in-farm pests, rodents, parasites and insect infestations. That’s where Alhayat Animal Medication Supplies steps in with a prompt respond to eliminate such risks that threaten farmers and livestock breeders.